Parish Council

Here you can find a list of Parish Councillors and links to contact them, minutes of meetings, details of future meetings, the latest agenda, the Chairman’s Annual Reports, the Annual Accounts and other Parish Council documents. You can find out more about Parish Councils in general here.

Memories of Professor Colin Platt

At the Parish Council meeting held on 2nd September 2015, Cllr Gerald Hine-Haycock paid tribute on behalf of the Parish Council to Professor Colin Platt who had died recently. You can read a transcript of the tribute by clicking here.

Planning Applications

This notice was published by the Parish Council in March 2015:

Parishioners are reminded that all Planning Applications relating to the Parish of Littlehempston are available to view in detail either on the South Hams District Council’s website at or by calling in person at the Council offices based in Follaton House, Totnes.

Lists of forthcoming applications are also published weekly in the Totnes Times.

Parishioners with views or concerns about any Planning Application are invited to write and/or attend the relevant Parish Council meeting to express their views in the Public Forum. The Parish Council will take these into account in any subsequent communication it makes to the District Council. It is essential to also raise these directly in writing with the District Council’s Planning Department. This can be done by letter or through the SHDC website.

Littlehempston – Totnes cyclepath

This statement appears in the minutes of the Parish Council held on 11th July 2012:

During the past year Devon County Council have proposed and costed a number of possible cycle/walkway routes linking Totnes to Littlehempston. They have been in regular communication with both the local pro-cycling groups and concerned local businesses, residents and landowners in Littlehempston.

Littlehempston Parish Council believes it is required to remain objective whilst also carrying out its duty to represent the parishioners. For the past six months it has noted and surveyed both the concerns and support that the Parish Council has received regarding these routes from Littlehempston parishioners. 45 letters were received directly by the Parish since January 2012. Information has also been taken from the online petition.

The conclusions reached by the Parish Council were that 47% of the registered electors expressed a preference for Route Three – which crosses the privately owned Steam Railway Line Bridge and enters Littlehempston village by a route over fields and lanes – some of which are also privately owned. 47% represented 89 of the 189 registered electors.

The LHPC has now decided that as a Council it would support Route Three because of the very significant proportion of support from the registered electorate. However, the LHPC also recognises that there are very real and valid concerns regarding security of property and safety issues which will need to be addressed by DCC before this route is adopted.

Lester Wilmington (DCC Highways) has provided a summary of the possible alternative routes that are being considered which includes detailed maps of each route. Subsequently he has produced a feasibility study comparing the various routes. You can download copies of both documents here.