Sun Shines on the Littlehempston Fete

Over 900 people including visitors, volunteers and stall holders enjoyed a sunny day at Littlehempston Fete, which proved one of the most successful fetes ever. Keys to the success of this traditional village fete were loads of things to keep the kids amused while parents relaxed in the free deckchairs, enjoying high quality BBQ food … Continue reading “Sun Shines on the Littlehempston Fete”

Johns win the lottery!

Lots of people came down the Tally for a meal and to watch Lottery draw recently. Lawrence Joiner, who used to live in Littlehempston and had returned to help with the Fete, drew the lucky ball – John Hoare scooped first prize of £82.  John Todd’s number came up next, winning him a £20 prize.  … Continue reading “Johns win the lottery!”

Parish Council vacancy

Gerald Hine-Haycock has resigned from the Parish Council – his fellow Councillors passed a vote of hearty thanks for his 8 years of service as Councillor, Chair and Vice-Chair, and wished him every success in the future. A notice for a “Casual Vacancy” has been posted on the Parish Council noticeboards and you can read … Continue reading “Parish Council vacancy”

A Historic Day for Littlehempston

On Thursday March 15th, a great cheer went up at the auction  of Higher Court Farm at the Seven Stars in Totnes, when the Littlehempston bid for Lot 7 was successful. The auctioneer commented that it wasn’t often he made so many people happy with just one sale! This land purchase provides the parish with … Continue reading “A Historic Day for Littlehempston”

Youth Club is Back in Action

And there’s some great action on offer! Twenty young people turned up for the re-opening of the Youth Club led by Ash Levin. With the pews rolled back and mats on the floor, the group were kept busy with activities that stretched their minds, asked for artistic expression and practiced their physical dexterity. Ash has loads … Continue reading “Youth Club is Back in Action”

A Good Year in Space

A successful pilot of the Littlehempston Youth Club was one of the achievements of the Community Space in 2017, outlined at the recent Annual Meeting.  The Space is our “village hall” offering loads of events and activities that keep us all fit and entertained, whilst raising the money to keep our church open for all. … Continue reading “A Good Year in Space”

Stars abound in Space

The stars were out in February for a fascinating exploration of the night sky guided by Dave Norman from the Torbay Astronomical Society with a great slide show provided by Alison Alexander. We stood mouths agape in the churchyard, as Dave’s laser guided us from Orion’s belt to the Seven Sisters, the faintly twinkling Pleiades, … Continue reading “Stars abound in Space”