Wanted: a shared Parish Lengthsman

Littlehempston Parish Council have been successful in sharing some funding with Staverton and Dartington PCs to allow the services of a self-employed lengthsman to be used across the parishes for this coming winter only. So if you’re interested, you can find full details by clicking on this advert that Staverton has put together. Closing date … Continue reading “Wanted: a shared Parish Lengthsman”

Hidden treasures of Lot 7

We don’t always need to travel far to find amazing wildlife – sometimes it’s here on our doorstep, waiting to be appreciated. The land recently bought by the community in the centre of the village harbours a remarkable variety of wildlife. Pictured here is the confluence of Gatcombe Brook and the Hems, on the borders … Continue reading “Hidden treasures of Lot 7”

Investigating how to run Lot 7

The community is currently looking at establishing the right charitable organisation to manage Lot 7, Littlehempston’s community land. We have also reached out to other similar organisations and learnt from their experiences. Anyone interested in being a part of the management team to please contact Martin. Many people in the parish will have received the report … Continue reading “Investigating how to run Lot 7”

Sun Shines on the Littlehempston Fete

Over 900 people including visitors, volunteers and stall holders enjoyed a sunny day at Littlehempston Fete, which proved one of the most successful fetes ever. Keys to the success of this traditional village fete were loads of things to keep the kids amused while parents relaxed in the free deckchairs, enjoying high quality BBQ food … Continue reading “Sun Shines on the Littlehempston Fete”

Johns win the lottery!

Lots of people came down the Tally for a meal and to watch Lottery draw recently. Lawrence Joiner, who used to live in Littlehempston and had returned to help with the Fete, drew the lucky ball – John Hoare scooped first prize of £82.  John Todd’s number came up next, winning him a £20 prize.  … Continue reading “Johns win the lottery!”