You might be persuaded today – especially when the church is 'in repose', or when a Sunday service is in progress – that very little had changed since the current re-ordering began in November 2011 (see the earlier postcards on sale by the door). But you'd be wrong. The chancel, on the far side of the rood screen, has remained unaltered. And we've been careful to preserve the antiquity of the building by keeping its stone floors and re-using the Victorian pews. But the pew platforms have gone; the pews are on wheels; there's a kitchen in the south aisle, and lavatories in the tower. What results is a flexible multi-use space which, because of the new underfloor heating in the nave, will be kept warm and dry throughout the year.

Putting wheels on the pews – which, to our knowledge, has never been done before – is the most innovatory feature of the re-ordering. We can now re-arrange the pews in any way we like: for a concert (facing the organ), for sales of produce, for village lunches and suppers (making use of our new kitchen), for children's parties and for other private functions (all of which may require a cleared floor). Sunday services will continue, as before, on a fortnightly basis. But the new community space will be available all year for a variety of other uses, including rehearsal space for young people, country dancing, gentle exercise, and classes in pilates and t'ai chi.

All churches are cold in bad weather, so one of our earlier additions was a set of four industrial-strength convection heaters for on-demand warmth in the winter months.  We've since added a glazed inner porch which, while also serving as a buffer against draughts, enables us to keep the south doors open and more welcoming to visitors during services and other events.  Our most recent improvements have included installing a loop for the hard-of-hearing and a new sound system, particularly useful for the folk concerts, charity auctions and our other village fund-raisers during the year. We are proud of what we have achieved in this very small community, not least because the building looks much as it did before, in contrast to some of the more aggressive re-orderings in the diocese. Our visitors, happily, agree. 'Wow!', wrote one recently, 'Fit for the next century and more – well done!' While to the 'sensitive and exemplary' of the original English Heritage verdict may now be added the 'stunning' of one visitor and the 'gorgeous' of another; 'the re-ordering', said a third, 'is a triumph!' Do please add your comments to the visitors' book by the door. We'd particularly love to hear your reactions.

For further information or to book the new space, try Jill Todd (01803-862451), then Ali Taylor (01803-865058).

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