Gallery 2011

Lighting the Christmas Tree and the Carol Service 2011

Space Project: Preliminary Works December 2011

Archaeologist, Mike Webber, returned in December to record the findings of the archaeological survey and to make plans and sketches, before the underfloor area was again covered over during the building works. The archaeological project was completed and signed off on December 12th, following a meeting with the Diocesan Archaeological Advisor, who was most interested and impressed by what had been done. StoneCo Construction then started on the work to install the heating.

Space Project: Preliminary Works November 2011

The following photos record the preliminary works done before building work starts. The first step has been to conduct a survey to make sure that the works will not damage any important archaeological features or burials. Then work to install a new heating system including underfloor heating, toilets with disabled access and a kitchenette can begin.

The Big Mow – Saturday, 1st October 2011

Harvest Lunch – Sunday, 25th September 2011

Village Fete – Saturday, 23rd July 2011