Fete Plan App

This is the place to get the Littlehempston Fete Plan App for your Android smart phone or tablet (sorry, there isn’t a corresponding version for iPhones or iPads).

When you’ve installed the Fete Plan App on your Android device, you’ll be able to walk around the fete site and see exactly where you are on the fete plan using your device’s GPS. The app doesn’t use mobile data, so doesn’t cost anything to use.

Just tap or click on this link to install the app!

You’ll probably be warned that downloading files such as app-release.apk can harm your device, and also that this app comes from an unkown source. You may have to alter your settings to allow the installation of an app from an unknown source. But if you trust littlehempston.com then please allow the fete plan app to be installed. If you alter your settings to allow installation from unknown sources, then it would be a good idea to turn that permission off again after you’ve installed the fete plan app.

The first time you run the app it will probably stop and you’ll then be asked to allow Littlehempston Fete Plan to access your device’s location. Granting access to your location is essential, as otherwise the app is useless!