Littlehempston Youth Club to expand?

The Community Space Team is working with our youth club leader, Asher Levin, to secure the future of the club, which has proved so popular with many children – and with the parents, who enjoy the get-together at the Pub Club in the Tally next door. Those of you involved in the past have been contacted to find out your views on how the club can be run in future. Proposals include inviting children from other local rural areas to join and to limit the age range to seven to eleven year olds.

Ash provides a great range of exciting activities including drama games, group challenges, physical games, acro-balancing and action songs. You may have met him at Littlehempston Fete – he’s great on stilts (as pictured here), at circus skills and story-telling.

If you’d like to have your say or find out more about the Youth Club, please get in touch.