Stars abound in Space

The stars were out in February for a fascinating exploration of the night sky guided by Dave Norman from the Torbay Astronomical Society with a great slide show provided by Alison Alexander. We stood mouths agape in the churchyard, as Dave’s laser guided us from Orion’s belt to the Seven Sisters, the faintly twinkling Pleiades, and explored the moon’s craters through the telescope. The raffle prize of a moon chart was won by children from Hemsford and home-made soup was served up in the Community Space.

Another group of stars appeared in a documentary film directed by Russ Pariseau, Holding up the Sky, about ten young women from Nepal and Africa who overcame many barriers to scale Kilimanjaro. One related that she had run away from home rather than face an arranged marriage; another felt lucky that she was sent to school because she was “too ugly” to be married. Their inspiring tales were a great way to celebrate International Women Days and the cake stall made £150 for the charity Womankind.