Thanks for the Parish News, Lottery and Tally!

Bee West was the lucky winner of the final draw of the 2017 Littlehempston Lottery – a fitting reward for all her hard work preparing the Parish News for the printers. The draw took place at the Tally Ho as part of the annual Villagers Night. Organiser Ken Wood is stepping down from running the lottery, having raised thousands over the years for village causes. He received many thanks and a huge round of applause. Proceeds from the 2018 lottery will go towards developing more activities for the younger members of the parish. In the picture, Ken is pictured handing over a cheque for £140 to Jill Todd from the Space Team, who ran the successful pilot of children’s activities in the autumn.

Is there anybody out there who would be prepared to take over from Ken and co-ordinate the quarterly draws? Full support will be given and it’s not a huge job. To find out more, just get in touch,

Thanks were also given at Villagers Night by Gerald Hine-Haycock for all the hard work put into the Tally by managers Kim and Ian and all the staff and volunteers. The Tally is an integral part of village life and plays a key role in making Littlehempston such a good community to live in.