An Evening at Café René – un triomphe!

An Evening at Cafe ReneA good time was had by all who came to An Evening at Café René with the Moonstone Theatre Company. Not only did people enjoy this Allo Allo tribute and tasty food – a tidy sum was also raised into the bargain that helped pay for the church boiler!

This was a new joint venture with the Tally Ho who provided the main course. The diners not only enjoyed a sumptuous main in the pub, but were also entertained by the antics of the cast – once again, René Artois was doing his very best to avoid being arrested and plots and counter-plots abounded. Half way through, the whole audience was ordered to move to the Space, where a delicious dessert awaited and some ended up dancing for their supper! Many thanks to Ken Wood who took this photo – there are lots more in the Gallery.