A plaque to remember Colin

Colin Platt, who died a couple of years ago, made a huge contribution to village life. A collection is now being made for a plaque in the church, remembering him and reminding people of his contribution to our church and village. Donations are gratefully accepted: please send them to the PCC Treasurer, James Dunn, at 2 Church Cottages, Littlehempston.

Here’s a piece from the Parish News written by Liz Miller:

“Claire Donovan, Colin Platt’s widow, recently came back to the village, and we were all so delighted to see her. She and Colin contributed so much to the church and village. Some newer inhabitants might not be aware of how much. The church used to be very cold at times, and if the weather was windy, the curtains over the door would billow out. We needed work to make it warm and dry, but it was going to cost a lot. Nicholas Pearkes, our Rector, had the brilliant idea that the church could be converted in such a way that it could be used as a village hall.

This is really where Colin came into his own. He had the knowledge and sensitivity to see how the conversion could be done. He and Derek Goult and Nicholas applied for grants wherever they could, and eventually the work could begin. While the church was closed, we used Colin and Claire’s barn, and their beautiful house for meetings. What the church is like now is the result of all the hard work, care and – yes love – that went into it from Colin.”

The photo shows Colin (on the left with Nicholas looking on), a renowned professor of medieval history and well known in the world of archaeology, surveying what lies below the church. He was half hoping that he would find something amazing but half hoping he wouldn’t, as this would have delayed progress.