Littlehempston children to get together?

Plans are afoot to offer more activities for our younger members. We are a small but very spread out parish and children go to lots of different primary schools, so often do not get the chance to get to know each other. The Parish Council organised an on-line survey, which showed that at least ten families and 17 children would be interested in some form of regular get together on a fortnightly or monthly basis. Friday evening was a popular slot – possibly due to the Tally Ho next door, catering for the adults. The most requested activities were outdoor games, one off events such as photography or drama workshops, movie nights and trips out eg rock climbing or canoeing.

The group would be based at the Community Space in the church, which has a kitchen and toilet facilities plus some outdoor space. Similar groups already run at Landscove and Staverton – much help is offered to Littlehempston from their organiser Kerry McCabe, who is too busy sadly to take on our group too.

The Community Space and Littlehempston Lottery have some money to fund a pilot scheme with a professional leader, so if you know of any potential staff, would like to help, have suggestions for activities or missed out on the survey, please get in touch.