The bells ring out in Littlehempston

Did you hear the church bells on Easter Sunday? Locals James Dunn and Mike Thomas, who are new to the art, were joined by the experienced trio of the Hoare brothers to call in the flock for the Easter Sunday service, with a little help from expert bell-ringer, Graham Pascoe, from Broadhempston. It was delightful to hear the peals ringing across the sunny countryside and the rooks in the bell tower got a bit of a shock at this unexpected disturbance! Over the last few months, James and Mike have been practising with the Broadhempston bell-ringers every Monday night – ages there range from 14 through to 75. If you’d like to find out more or give it a go, just get in contact. It would be great to have our own Littlehempston team one day soon!

And if you missed the peals, thanks to Jenny Galton-Fenzi’s recording you can listen in here:


In the photo, pictured left to right are Graham, Mike, Andrew Hoare and James. Rob and Dave Hoare were still up in the belfry. Notice the ladder on the right? That was used to fix one of the bells a few hours beforehand – its rope snapped at the practice the night before! Luckily, Mike knows how to splice!