Chess for children?

Many thanks to Ken Wood for this article:

The Littlehempston Community Space team has asked for fresh ideas for activities for our local children. Recently we have had a small influx of new families, which is very good news for the parish. One idea put forward is to hold a Chess Club in the Space catering for all levels from beginners to more advanced. This might also appeal to adults.

Before setting anything up, we would like to know your views. For example:
1. Would your children be interested in coming for a coaching session for Beginners lasting around 2 hours?
2. Do your children already play chess and would like to play with others of a similar level?
3. Would you be interested in taking part either as a helper or to play other advanced chess players, perhaps forming a chess club above the beginners stage?
4. What day and times would suit best? A Saturday morning? An after school session? Early evening?

This club would be open to everyone throughout the Parish News area, so please get in touch if you’re interested.  Your views would be greatly appreciated – please contact me, Ken Wood, or phone 01803 865541. Thank you!