What happens to the funds raised by Littlehempston? Have your say!

The people of Littlehempston raise money every year through Community Space events, the Fete, the Littlehempston Lottery and the church Coffee Mornings. But, you may ask, what is all the money spent on? How much money do we need to raise to keep the church and Space open? What happens to any money left over? These questions were answered and discussed at the well attended Annual Meeting of the Community Space in February.

Income and expenditure for both Community Space and church were presented, showing that funds raised by the Space, Fete and Lottery covered the repayment of loans on the building works (to be paid off by 2022), oil, electricity, boiler repairs and cleaning plus a contribution to insurance to cover the Fete.  Money raised by the church covered all church expenses including insurance.

So what happens if more money is raised than needed to keep the church and Space going? All at the meeting agreed that activities for younger people and families should be supported and that money raised from the 2017 Village Lottery could be allocated for this. Lottery organiser, Ken Wood, offered to investigate setting up a Chess Club. The possibility of a weekly after school club was also put forward with a professional paid to run it. A table tennis table was offered. Another suggestion was to keep some money back for a “rainy day” fund for maintenance – for replacing the boiler, for example.

The Space Team are very keen to hear YOUR ideas on making Littlehempston an even better place to live – just get in touch. It would be great if those with young families came forward with suggestions – time is short when running home and work, but maybe some activities might give you more time.  And if you’d like to help the Space Team, for example by helping run an event or baking cakes, you’d be very welcome!

The Space is our “village hall”, providing a place where the village can meet socially, enjoy monthly entertainment and keep fit and healthy. These activities also raise the money to keep our beautiful Grade 1 listed church open for all and fund popular activities for young and old. The Space Team also organises events around the parish including explorations of the “wild side” of Littlehempston and co-ordinates Villagers’ Night at Christmas. Click on the links for a full 2016 Annual Report, 2016 Accounts, and also the Overview of Running Costs of Church and Space. And if you missed it first time round, check out the ITV News interview about the Space.