Please don’t let the music stop!

Unless £10,000 is raised within the next few weeks, the music therapy at Rowcroft Hospice will cease. This therapy was an enormous help to recovery for Littlehempston local, Lindy Collard-Baker, who has teamed up with others to organise a crowd-funding appeal, complete with video. Lindy says, “Music therapy is such a joy to me. It’s the one hour I can look forward to, I can lose myself, forget my struggles with the walking and get oxygen into my lungs. It’s such therapy. Please don’t let the music stop.” Lindy was chair of the Parish Council for many years, and also one of the original members of the team who got the Tally Ho re-opened. She’s pictured here (second right) in the early days of the campaign.

The appeal got off to a great start with the Swishing event held at Littlehempston Church in January, which not only raised £630, but also gave resident music therapist David Holmes, the chance to explain the importance of music as a source of creativity and hope. And what an enjoyable night it was too, with the chance to swap clothes and indulge in some lovely beauty treatments and massage.

Rowcroft Hospice has expressed the intention of taking over the permanent funding once again in 18 months time, so please help make sure the post does not disappear in the meantime. This service means so much to many local people – it would be a huge loss if it stopped. Please help if you possibly can – go to to find out more.