Would you like faster broadband in Littlehempston?

At the time of writing, if you go to the Connecting Devon and Somerset website, and enter a Littlehempston postcode in the Where and When box, you’ll see that most of our parish is a pale grey colour. The map’s key tells us that means “Out of Programme”.

However, the Phase 2 page on their website tells a much better story. That page announces that contracts have recently been signed with ultrafast broadband provider Gigaclear for lots 2, 3, 5 and 6 of their six Phase 2 areas. Scroll down to the map and you’ll see that Littlehempston is in lot 6. You can read a much more detailed announcement of the signing of this new contract on Gigaclear’s website.

Now whilst that looks like better news than we’ve had previously, we still don’t know when, or indeed even whether, Littlehempston will get faster broadband. That’s where you come in! Gigaclear have got a Register interest page on their website which they say they’re using to measure levels of interest in different areas.

So if you want to help bring faster broadband to Littlehempston, click on the Register interest link and submit your details – it doesn’t commit you to anything.