Meadow of Memories

The following invitation has been received from Rowcroft Hospice:

We would like to invite you to dedicate a flower in the most beautiful wildflower meadow in South Devon and celebrate the lives of those we love, and still love, dearly. The seeds will be sewn in Spring in Rowcroft’s beautiful woodland grounds and over the following months a beautiful carpet of colour will appear that will include Virginia Stock, Californian Poppy, Linum (Flax), Calendula, Borage, Gypsophila, Sweet Alyssum, Cornflower and Rudbeckia. Remembering a loved one by dedicating a flower in their memory can provide comfort and will help the precious memories of the moments shared live on. The invitation to dedicate a flower is open to all, not just those touched by Rowcroft’s care; you are welcome to visit the meadow at any time. Visit for more information.