Lucky Lottery Winners!

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First prize in the Littlehempston Lottery drawn in March at the Pig & Whistle was scooped by John Hoare. Landlord Phil drew the lucky ball, which means that John receives a cheque for £132. The next ball out of the barrel was Martin Bjerregaard’s – he won the second prize of £33. And a cheque for a most welcome £165 was received by the Community Space. The draws are quarterly and the next one is in June, so if you’d like to join in, just send your application and a cheque for £10 (or £30 for the 3 remaining draws this year) to organiser Ken Wood. Full details here. All profits go to promoting village activities in the Community Space, so it’s a great way of supporting local life as well as enjoying a flutter.

Unsung Heroes

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There’s a group of local people who deserve our thanks for helping keep the parish of Littlehempston a fine place to live – they are the Parish Council, who between them deal with a wide range of issues and problems that affect us all. At the recent Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, chairman Gerald Hine-Hayock outlined what had been achieved over the past year. A major issue that took much time was the so-called “Boulder Gate” – the site on the A381 illegally occupied by some travellers, who were eventually removed. Gerald observed that a positive outcome “was the way it drew our village community together. Several residents were deeply affected by the presence of the camp – but it was also interesting to see how the occupation led to significant increases in attendance at our meetings by dozens of villagers – and people seemed to feel the Parish Council had a real role in their lives and sorting out problems.”

Another positive thing to report was that this winter no properties were flooded despite torrential rain: the councillors had a site meeting with Devon County Council and immediately obstructions in the river were cleared, and a new system of warning signs plus further flood prevention measures were discussed. John Todd was commended on his work in keeping the drains and buddle holes clear, while Mo and Mike Wright were thanked for keeping our footpaths in such good shape. A big thank you was given to Roger Miller who has retired after many years of service on the Parish Council; Donna Mc Cann also retired and was thanked for her work. Replacing them on the Council are Anna Ash and Jon Morris, who join Gerald, Mark Eyers and Viv Whybrow. Sue Wellum’s work as Clerk was also praised: Gerald commented that she had “proved a life saver for us over the past year and frankly given us more time and guidance than we had the right to expect.”

We’re lucky in this Parish to have such an effective and committed team. Thank you! To read the full Annual Report, just click here.

More activities for local children in Space?

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No, this isn’t a proposal to send our local children to Mars … everyone agreed at the Annual Meeting of the Community Space that the focus for 2016 should be on providing more events and activities for the children, along with improving energy efficiency. The first children’s event of the year was a great success – over 40 children plus their families packed the church to watch an amazing performance of  Monkey by Puppetcraft.

The next in the Space was one for the adults – Mervyn Stutter entertained in a Villages in Action event, Utterly Stutterly, with a very professional show of comic wit, hilarious song and sometimes quite biting political satire. The Space was laid out cafe-style and looked quite stylish with the candles.

All suggestions for good things to put on for local children are welcome, so if you have a bright idea, why not share it by contacting the Space Team? You can read a full report on Space activities and Finances in 2015 by clicking here.

Meadow of Memories

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The following invitation has been received from Rowcroft Hospice:

We would like to invite you to dedicate a flower in the most beautiful wildflower meadow in South Devon and celebrate the lives of those we love, and still love, dearly. The seeds will be sewn in Spring in Rowcroft’s beautiful woodland grounds and over the following months a beautiful carpet of colour will appear that will include Virginia Stock, Californian Poppy, Linum (Flax), Calendula, Borage, Gypsophila, Sweet Alyssum, Cornflower and Rudbeckia. Remembering a loved one by dedicating a flower in their memory can provide comfort and will help the precious memories of the moments shared live on. The invitation to dedicate a flower is open to all, not just those touched by Rowcroft’s care; you are welcome to visit the meadow at any time. Visit for more information.

Police and Crime Commissioner Election announced

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The formal notice of the Police and Crime Commissioner Election has been published. You can read it by clicking on this link to the Notice of Police and Crime Commissioner Election. If the election is contested, the poll will take place on Thursday 5th May.