Drive Safely Past Horses!

The Mare and Foal Sanctuary is asking motorists to take care when they meet riders on the road. On country roads, the National Speed Limit applies and some drivers just aren’t expecting to meet a horse and rider! A spokesman said, “Both riders and drivers have a right to use the roads. That means there is a shared responsibility to consider each other’s needs. With winter approaching, stopping distances may be longer on wet or icy roads, so if drivers could just be aware that riders may be around, it might help reduce the chance of an accident. If you meet a rider on the road, we suggest that you slow right down, give the horse plenty of room if overtaking, and avoid revving your engine or sounding your horn, as horses can be easily scared by noise and fast moving vehicles. For riders, we advise they wear high visibility clothing, give clear signals, pay attention, and always be polite. To feel confident that your conduct and competence is as it should be while riding on roads, we recommend taking the British Horse Society Riding and Road Safety Test.”

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