Recent events prove Littlehempston likes food

A couple of highly successful events at the Community Space in Littlehempston Church in recent weeks showed just how important food can be when planning any local activity. The much acclaimed Victoria’s Secret, combined a fascinating performance by the Late Night Trio of songs inspired by Tosti, with a most delicious Italian supper served to beautifully decorated tables during the interval. This mix of food and music not only proved a big hit with those who packed the Space, but also raised £460 to help keep this beautiful building open for all. A formula that may well be repeated in 2016. And Victoria’s secret? A passion for songs of love and passion – the Italian Tosti was engaged as her children’s music teacher and gave private family concerts. (Victoria also liked her food and was apparently “a hearty eater”.)

The next event in the Space was the annual Craft Fair, where local people offered a range of unusual and interesting craft, along with some delicious home-made produce. A perfect start to seasonal shopping and gourmet feasting. A huge thank you to all who helped make this such a tasty event –  stars of the day were the scrumptious cakes and Tracy’s delicious carrot and almond soup, which were consumed in large quantities. A record £536 was raised and a merry time was had by all. Another winning formula.