Love, Fast Cars and Race Horses at Auction of Promises

A whopping £1,100 was raised at the latest event in the Community Space in Littlehempston Church on September 26th, when a small but happy audience were enticed into competitive bidding by the quick fire auctioneering of Piers Whiting from Luscombe Maye (and by delicious food and wine).  It’s a total mystery why more villagers didn’t show up – possibly something to do with a rugby match!

Well done to all who helped raise this fantastic amount and to those who donated the promises. The event was well supported by local businesses and included a trip to the racing stables of Martin Hill Racing, beauty products from Gill Goddard Hair, a family visit to the Otter & Butterfly Sanctuary, award-winning frozen food from COOK, lawn treatment from Bob the Grimweeder (tel 07730 116529), gardening from John Todd (tel 01803 862451), luxury manicure at Blue Hair Studio and meals offered by the Pig & Whistle, Riverford Field Kitchen, Tally Ho and the Tangerine Tree Cafe. Other tempting offers included fresh laid eggs, singing, shooting, pruning and sewing lessons, a lovely hand-made music stand, a designer cushion, logs and manure, books from local author Nicholas Evans, and a guided Dartmoor walk. There was fierce competition for two car rides – one in an Aston Martin which raised an astonishing £200 and the other a chauffeured ride in a Mercedes to a London airport generously offered by local taxi service, And Some Cabs.

An undoubted highlight of the evening was the love poetry rendered in Spanish, French and German by local ladies and suavely received by a gentleman from Akrell’s Hill! A great night out and with a far better result than England had against Wales!

As with all the events organised by the Space Team, the proceeds go to helping keep the church open for us all and future generations. Without this income, there is a danger that our lovely church would have to close. So use or or lose it! Show your support by coming along to the next events – Victoria’s Secret – Songs of Passion and to the Littlehempston Craft Fair.