Marvellous Moths

The Times this week revealed that moth trapping is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the country, so those who took part in the second annual Littlehempston moth-trapping on the evening of Tuesday 4th August  were definitely on trend. The event was again led by Rik Fox of Butterfly Conservation, assisted by Terry Underhill.

About 20 people assembled in a field on Ackrells Hill, by kind invitation of Gill Middleton. Terry brought along some moths he had trapped earlier, and after showing these to the group, they were freed. Three light traps had been set, and as darkness fell things became very busy. The session finished around midnight, by which time last year’s total of 78 types of moth had been exceeded. A full list will be available shortly. One of the highlights was a beautiful black and white Leopard Moth (pictured). An unexpected bonus was the discovery of a huge beetle! No-one could identify it, so books were consulted, and it turned out to be a Tanner Beetle, which eventually scuttled off gratefully into the darkness! The evening was a great success, and £20.00 was collected for Butterfly Conservation.

Many thanks to Jenny Galton-Fenzi for this article and for organising this superb event.