Why Do Pilates?

Many thanks to Brenda Sleeman for this article. Her classes are open to men and women of all ages and are definitely worth a go! It’s handy having them in Landscove too, as you’re welcome there if you miss the Littlehempston one.

Pilates exercises offer many benefits: these include better balance and core strength, as well as improved posture and flexibility. Muscles become leaner and longer, a sense of general well being is achieved, as well a flatter tummy! Pilates is also great for preventing lower back injuries and to loosen general stiffness.

Classes are taught in a relaxed friendly atmosphere, and each exercise is structured to be as gentle or as intense as you need. This makes Pilates great for all ages and levels of fitness. We meet each Tuesday at 3pm in the Community Space at Littlehempston Church, and each Wednesday at 11am in Landscove Victory Hall. Your first class is free, and then £5 for each class you attend. Do come and join us! Call 01803 864579 or 07702 984201 for more details.