Bob the Bus has arrived!

From the end of April, Bob the Bus has been ferrying local people into Totnes. The service runs every Monday and Wednesday leaving the bus stop by the phone and post boxes in Littlehempston (near the bridge over the Hems) at 9.45am and returning at 1pm from the Seven Stars in Totnes. More details on our Useful Info page.

Liz Miller reports in the Parish News: “They seem to be very relaxed about picking people up at non-designated points, which is good. And just think – no hassle driving when the roads are very crowded, no worry about parking, no expense from petrol or parking fees, if you have a bus pass, FREE, and if we don’t use it, we’ll lose it.”

Sue Speak, Chair of the new Totnes and Rural Community Bus Association, said: “There is still plenty to do to ensure that BOB has a sustainable future and we are constantly on the lookout for volunteer drivers, supporters and committee members. We also hope to expand the hire side of BOB where local affiliated organisations and individuals can hire a bus for trips and outings.”

If you’d like to volunteer to drive the bus, get in touch with Lyn Price (pictured here with dog Bongo) on 07800 745332 or visit the Bob the Bus website. Lyn is very enthusiastic about this new local service and says that other stops can be arranged if there are enough people interested – the Pig & Whistle and Gatcombe were mentioned. So have a chat with your neighbours and if you have a few people wanting this service, get in touch – she’d be delighted to hear from you.