Taking care of your property

In the most recent copy of Neighbourhood News put out by Neighbourhood Watch, police advise: “The winter will soon be over and people’s minds will be turning to the great outdoors – gardening and cycling to mention a couple. Unfortunately there are others who will have the same thoughts and will want to relieve you of your precious garden tools and your cycles. To assist you in keeping them safe, the Police at Totnes have a limited supply of garden shed alarms which, if you meet the criteria, are available free. They will also property mark your tools and cycles. To get this service or apply for an alarm contact your local PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) at Totnes Police Station, who will arrange for your tools and cycles to be marked and will see if you meet the criteria for a shed alarm and if you do, they will have it delivered to your house.”

Advice is also given on marking your property and then registering it on a website so the police can reunite you if your property gets stolen and recovered. For further help and information on this, visit: bit.ly/1DsCv80.