More needed for younger people in Littlehempston?

Could more be provided for the younger members of the local community? This was a question discussed at the Annual Meeting of the Community Space held at the Tally Ho recently. Given the large attendance at the two events in 2014 aimed at children  Рboth Cinema Night and Cirkus Spectakular were big hits Рit was agreed to try to do more. So if you have ideas on things for the younger ones to do in 2015, please get in touch with the Space Team.

The Space hosted a great range of activities and events in 2014 and valuable funds were raised to pay the bills and keep the church open for all as you can see from the Annual Report and Financial Summary. Most pleasing was the start of a new Pilates class and the setting up of a new Parent and Toddlers group, Twinkling Stars. Many people including performers have given generously of their time Рthis month the Space hosted the beautiful voices of the talented local group Skylark, accompanied by the soulful music of Emily Roblyn interspersed with merry verse from local poet, Chris Waters. (And over £350 was raised for the Space and a local cancer charity).

The Community Space has become a much valued part of our local community and we owe a big thank you to all those who help organise the delightful events. It was agreed at the meeting that a “Volunteer List” be set up – whenever help was needed (eg cake making, manning admissions etc) an e-mail could be sent (or phone call made) to those on the list. So if you’d like to help out occasionally, please get in touch. It won’t commit you to anything but will give you the opportunity to help when you have time.