Spectacular Successes !

Over the last month we have had two memorable evenings from Villages in Action performers. The first was a wonderful performance by Cirkus Spectakular, which packed the church with children sitting on cushions (thank heavens for underfloor heating) watching raptly as a magical tale was woven by the skilled puppet masters. Then this month there was Beneath the Albion Sky performed by the Write by Numbers company – an intriguing tale of a journey of discovery related by Andy Kelly. Afterwards, he and writer Corinne Furness stayed to chat and answer questions from the audience … and also to enjoy delicious food and wine. A big thank you to all who supplied the wonderful cakes, gave accomodation to our talented visitors and especially to Sandra who organised both these events. A splendid £155 was raised into the bargain, which will help keep the church and Space open for all.