Pilates comes to Littlehempston

Would you like a strong core and flat stomach? Well, the opportunity to impress family and friends with your newly toned body is coming your way soon, we hope. If we can agree a time and date, we now have enough people to start a Pilates class at the Community Space, run by Brenda Sleeman, who leads the excellent Wednesday Landscove session and also teaches at the Fitness Factory. Brenda is excellent at running workouts suitable for all ages and range of experience.

Pilates is great at improving core strength and flexibility, posture and muscle tone. It’s popular with sporty types such as rugby players (think scrums) and ballet dancers, those with back problems and those who just want to slump less and keep flexible and strong.

Possible times are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during the day until 4pm, and Wednesday 1-5.30pm and 7.30 – 8.30pm. Cost is £5 per session paid weekly – if you don’t come, you don’t pay. Get in touch with Ali Taylor if you’re interested and let her know which days/times you can do. The first session will be free, so why not give it a try?