Dancing, Bluffing and Mowing – a busy September !

The village was colourfully invaded on Saturday 6th September by many jangling teams of Morris Men from across the country – taking part in a ‘Ring’ event in Dartmouth. Sides came from as far afield as Lancashire, Suffolk, the Isle of Wight and West Sussex, whose Martlet Men added sword dancing to the excitement. Each team in turn put on a remarkable display of dances accompanied by accordions, tin whistles and drums, and of course by hefty pints of ale from the Tally Ho – a perfect backdrop for the display. The different dance and music traditions demonstrated the variety of village and town communities: a bit of rural history which maintains a dynamic contemporary existence. There were some so moved by the event that they were almost ready to run off and join the nearest ‘side’!

On Friday 19 September we welcomed three members of the expert team of auctioneers from Bearnes, Hampton & Littlewood who attracted a packed audience to the Church Community Space to ‘Call my Bluff’. With a typically rich Littlehempston spread of bring-and-share supper, the evening was noisy and enjoyable – the three members of the team so convincingly spreading false information that no one managed a perfect answer sheet. Even so, they awarded their bottle of perfectly authentic bubbly for a very convincing 9 out of 10! We raised over £337 for the Church and Space, and we send many thanks to Chris, Richard and Andrew for such an enjoyable evening, and all those who contributed to the evening which, for some, was followed by a pint or a coffee in the Tally!

An equally Community event the following day was a most successful ‘Big Mow’, when we gave the Churchyard its much-needed annual autumn clean. Long grass, brambles, nettles – all tidied away – and  the ‘living churchyard’ is ready for winter. The thorny question remains of how much to leave to support wild life and botanic diversity and how much to mow to a suburban sward, but we will find the balance in time. Thanks to all those who turned out to help – a true ‘many hands’ moment.

Many thanks to Claire Donovan for sharing her “Parish News” report with the web site. If you’d like to send in a piece about what’s happening around Littlehempston, just get in touch. All contributions very gratefully received!