Loop Installed in Church

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A big thank you to all those who responded to the Loop system appeal, organised by Jenny Galton-Fenzi and the Community Space team. Along with very generous donations from three villagers, enough money was raised and the system is now installed, benefitting all those with hearing aids. And in case you were wondering how it works – whoever is speaking uses a wireless microphone, the sound is amplified and sent around a wire that loops round the inside wall of the church. Those with modern hearing aids or T settings will be able to pick up the amplified sound. The next stage will be to install a sound system that amplifies sound for all.

Lucky Lottery Winners

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Lots of villagers turned up at the Pig and Whistle recently to enjoy a meal, followed by Jessica, Amanda Joiner’s daughter, drawing the ball for this quarter’s lucky lottery winner. It was all smiles for Val Nicholls who won £118 and also Jill Todd and Vyv Whybrow who won 2nd and 3rd cash prizes. A big thank you to Ken Wood who organised this and for the most welcome £147.50 donation that went to the Community Space. Next draw is at the Tally Ho on Wednesday 17th December at Villagers’ Night. If you don’t already participate in the Village Lottery, why not give it a go? You’re helping keep the church and Community Space open for all and you may just get lucky… More details here.

Angels and Heroes in Littlehempston

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The “time, effort and determination” put in to secure the future of Littlehempston’s church and village pub by setting up the Community Space and organising the community purchase of the Tally Ho, has been recognised by English Heritage through their Angel Awards Scheme. You’ll be able to see the framed award, signed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Simon Thurley, either in the church or pub. The award states “Heroic rescue projects like this make an important contribution to local and national history, to the life of the local community and to the vital task of securing England’s rich and varied heritage for present and future generations”. Lots of people have been involved in both these projects – well done to everybody!

Littlehempston has a shop!

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Phil and Donna at the Pig & Whistle have set up a very welcome addition to community life – a village shop! With a little help from a Pub is the Hub grant, it opened this week and is packed with useful things including newspapers, both fresh and convenience foods, a variety of drinks and even logs and coal.

The P&W is a member of Food & Drink Devon Love the Flavour, which represents a membership of like minded businesses, dedicated to providing good quality local food & drink. (Pictured here is Donna and Phil’s daughter, Georgia, showing the logo to look out for.) The association is committed to continuously achieving its mission – ‘To make Love the Flavour a nationally recognised brand for outstanding sustainable food and drink.’ This is positive news in a climate where the percentage of home-grown food eaten in the UK continues to decline – unless we support local farmers, we risk ending up with supermarkets stocked with bargain foods from abroad.

Spotted in our new shop were cheese and wine from Sharpham, Luscombe drinks, local vegetables and potatoes (some from Blagdon), milk and cream from Riverford Dairy, icecream from Salcombe, handmade preserves and delicious bread from Halletts. Opening hours are 8am to 8pm, and if you want something outside of those hours, just ask at the bar! This is such a useful facility, so use it or lose it! Many thanks, Phil and Donna, for going the extra mile to make the P&W even better!

Pilates comes to Littlehempston

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Would you like a strong core and flat stomach? Well, the opportunity to impress family and friends with your newly toned body is coming your way soon, we hope. If we can agree a time and date, we now have enough people to start a Pilates class at the Community Space, run by Brenda Sleeman, who leads the excellent Wednesday Landscove session and also teaches at the Fitness Factory. Brenda is excellent at running workouts suitable for all ages and range of experience.

Pilates is great at improving core strength and flexibility, posture and muscle tone. It’s popular with sporty types such as rugby players (think scrums) and ballet dancers, those with back problems and those who just want to slump less and keep flexible and strong.

Possible times are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during the day until 4pm, and Wednesday 1-5.30pm and 7.30 – 8.30pm. Cost is £5 per session paid weekly – if you don’t come, you don’t pay. Get in touch with Ali Taylor if you’re interested and let her know which days/times you can do. The first session will be free, so why not give it a try?

Dancing, Bluffing and Mowing – a busy September !

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The village was colourfully invaded on Saturday 6th September by many jangling teams of Morris Men from across the country – taking part in a ‘Ring’ event in Dartmouth. Sides came from as far afield as Lancashire, Suffolk, the Isle of Wight and West Sussex, whose Martlet Men added sword dancing to the excitement. Each team in turn put on a remarkable display of dances accompanied by accordions, tin whistles and drums, and of course by hefty pints of ale from the Tally Ho – a perfect backdrop for the display. The different dance and music traditions demonstrated the variety of village and town communities: a bit of rural history which maintains a dynamic contemporary existence. There were some so moved by the event that they were almost ready to run off and join the nearest ‘side’!

On Friday 19 September we welcomed three members of the expert team of auctioneers from Bearnes, Hampton & Littlewood who attracted a packed audience to the Church Community Space to ‘Call my Bluff’. With a typically rich Littlehempston spread of bring-and-share supper, the evening was noisy and enjoyable – the three members of the team so convincingly spreading false information that no one managed a perfect answer sheet. Even so, they awarded their bottle of perfectly authentic bubbly for a very convincing 9 out of 10! We raised over £337 for the Church and Space, and we send many thanks to Chris, Richard and Andrew for such an enjoyable evening, and all those who contributed to the evening which, for some, was followed by a pint or a coffee in the Tally!

An equally Community event the following day was a most successful ‘Big Mow’, when we gave the Churchyard its much-needed annual autumn clean. Long grass, brambles, nettles – all tidied away – and  the ‘living churchyard’ is ready for winter. The thorny question remains of how much to leave to support wild life and botanic diversity and how much to mow to a suburban sward, but we will find the balance in time. Thanks to all those who turned out to help – a true ‘many hands’ moment.

Many thanks to Claire Donovan for sharing her “Parish News” report with the web site. If you’d like to send in a piece about what’s happening around Littlehempston, just get in touch. All contributions very gratefully received!

June 20th 2015 – a date to remember!

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Littlehempston Fete keeps the Midsummer date, so put June 20th 2015 in your diary now! Many thanks to those who came along to the Pig & Whistle last month and shared ideas about this hugely popular annual event, which makes such a big contribution to village life. The dog show – a new entry for 2014 – was popular, so we’ll do it again next year. It was agreed that having a ceilidh afterwards proved a bit ambitious and could prove a washout if it rains, so next year the fete will start at 4pm and finish at 9pm. Nothing much else will change as everybody seems to love the family-friendly traditional atmosphere and style, though there were some excellent suggestions on making activities even more child-friendly. And all agreed that next year we need more muscle and younger backs to collect together the equipment and clear away afterwards.

The final total raised this year was over £3,500 of which £3,100 went to support the church and Community Space. (This included a donation of the raffle Watson Oil £100 voucher.) Donations were also made to Berry Pomeroy School and Rowcroft. A big thank to you all involved – a grand team effort!