They are not forgotten

The World War One memorial stone in the porch of Littlehempston Church has been cleaned by local sculptor, Bruce Kirby, who has also carefully restored the lettering. The memorial is “In grateful recognition of services rendered to King and Country” and lists 33 men of the parish. Now the names of those who served in the war are legible once again, as can be seen from the “before” and “after” photos. Many thanks to the Tally Ho for funding this work. The memorial to those soldiers who died in the war is inside the church.

Thanks also to those who raised the money to pay for the installation of the new internal porch – a handsome structure made of oak. This will act as an “air lock” and should cut down on the draughts in winter and avoid the battle with the curtain and the slamming of the door that were once a feature of coming in and out!