Community Space Celebrates a Second Successful Year

It’s been a busy and successful year for the Littlehempston Community Space. Those attending the second Annual Meeting heard that a wide range of events and activities had raised £8,790 since May 2013, which had paid for all the fuel bills and cleaning, as well as helping pay off the loan taken out to pay for the adaptation of the church. Improvements have included new wall heaters and a safety fence in the churchyard put up by John Todd, and funds have been raised towards the construction of an inner porch, which will cut down on draughts. Work should start shortly.

Thanks were given at the meeting to all those who had helped organise events and to both the Littlehempston Fete Committee and Ken Wood of the Village Lottery who had made generous donations. Thanks was also given to Jenny Galton-Fenzi who maintains the much appreciated Local History archive in the Lady Chapel and has also created the lovely display, showing the amazing range of wildlife that inhabits the churchyard. Thanks were also given to John Floyd who made the display board.A slide show featuring the year’s highlights also included many of the brilliant posters designed by Neil Kelly.

Many of the aims put forward last year had been at least partially achieved, but more still needed to be done, in particular, developing more activities for our younger villagers, increasing the number of hirings and improving energy efficiency. However the Space Team can’t manage to do anymore unless others offer to help with the myriad little jobs needed to keep the Space up and running. If you can volunteer a little time now and then, please get in touch with them. The Team will also give full support to anybody who would like to start a new activity or run a one-off event.

A full Annual report and Financial Summary for May 2013 to April 2014 can be found here.