A Fine Start to Spring

Perhaps the weather hasn’t always been sunny recently, but it did shine on the evening of the bring and share Spring Supper held on May 9th in the church.

The wine and chat flowed amidst the candle-lit tables, the selection of food was plentiful and delicious and the raffle produced lots of happy winners. A grand total of £320 was also raised – what a tasty way to support the church and Community Space.

The following morning the pleasure continued with a wildflower walk led by Jenny Galton-Fenzi. A surprising variety of wildflowers revealed themselves amongst the roadside verges and hedges – Cat’s Ear, Bastard Balm, Alexanders, Jack by the Hedge and Wild Cabbage were just a few spotted.

After pointing out where the prints of an otter had been spotted at the Triangle Bridge near where she had found a dead salmon, Jenny then warned against touching the poisonous Hemlock Water Dropwort (pictured right) growing there. The walk finished with hot chocolate at the Tally Ho. Thanks Jenny!