Delightful Voices of Littlehempston

Jenny Galton-Fenzi delighted all with her presentation on the village’s history, with a mix of photos often not shown before, readings by local people and a specially written “Apple Rap” that celebrated and bemoaned the loss of our local apple varieties, delivered by an enthusiastic line-up of performers. The event inspired much reminiscence and raised a magnificent £200 into the bargain (thank you, Jenny!). The history of the village pub was particularly well timed, as the event coincided with the re-opening of the Tally Ho that day.

Afterwards, it was wonderful to walk down the churchyard path and see the lights beaming out from the Tally once again. Lots of people in the pub remembered it from decades ago and also dancing in the village hall, all things that featured in Jenny’s talk. Voices of Littlehempston is definitely an event worth repeating, as many were sorry to have missed it! And perhaps the history of cider-making will inspire a local renaissance!