It just got easier to buy a share in the Tally Ho !

Shares in the Tally Ho are now on sale at the new lower price of £250, and the Littlehempston Community Pub Limited website has been updated to show the new price. Each original £1,000 share in LCPL will become four of the new £250 shares.

At a recent meeting of the members (shareholders) of Littlehempston Community Pub Ltd, it was agreed to reduce the price of a share to £250 from £1000. This will make it possible for a wider range of supporters to help preserve this local treasure for future generations and have the thrill of being part owner of a traditional pub.

Another big draw, if you’re a taxpayer, is that you should get 30% of your investment back as part of the government’s Enterprise Investment Scheme.

If you think you might like to buy one or more of the new £250 shares, have a look at the Invest page where you’ll find links to more detailed information, and you can download the Share Prospectus and Business Plan, or use the online application form.