Fete Team Needs Muscle

Can you spare an hour or two to help collect and carry things for the village fete?  On the afternoon of Saturday 8th June, the Fete Team will be touring the village collecting donations and though the spirit is very willing, there is a lot of weak flesh about (not to mention bad backs). So if you could lend a hand carrying stuff from doorsteps to car that would be so welcome – it’s a perfect job to do with the kids. And again on either Thursday 20th or Friday 21st, your help would be much appreciated to move chairs and tables to the fete site. The Fete Team love organising the fete – it’s just all that carrying some of us are not so good at anymore. And then it’s all hands on deck to set the site up on Friday 21st. If you can help in any way, please contact Sue Wellum or phone her on 01803 863088.

It’s shaping up to be a really exciting fete this year with all the old favourites and some great new additions. See you there!