Community Space successfully in orbit

At the first Annual Meeting of the Space on Wednesday May 15th, all agreed that the first year had proved a great success. The Annual Report showed that a busy programme of community meals, theatre, craft show, concerts, music workshops, dances and regular offerings of exercise classes, coffee mornings, cinema nights and Littlehempston Toddlers combined with a variety of private hires had not only provided lots of merry get-togethers, but also raised nearly £4,500. The Littlehempston Fete and the Village Lottery contributed a further £3,600 towards keeping the Church and Space open for future generations. A big thank you was extended to all those who had worked so hard to help raise funds and organise events.

After approval of the constitution and committee, the meeting looked at the direction for the next two years. Fundraising was already under way to pay for a new energy-conserving internal porch. A proposal to provide activities for younger members of the community was widely supported and suggestions for film shows, table tennis tournaments, music sessions and chess clubs were discussed. A proposal to investigate energy efficiency for local houses and the church was also supported. Sadly Littlehempston Toddlers was closing at the end of the summer term, but it was hoped that with Space support local parents might run the group themselves.

To find out more about hiring the Space, volunteering to organise an event or even joining our merry Space Team, please contact Jill Todd (01803 862451) or Ali Taylor (01803 865058).