Wildflowers and Patchwork Meadows

Jenny Galton-Fenzi is currently doing a wildflower survey of Littlehempston parish, which she hopes to complete by the end of the summer. This will consist of a list with Latin and common names, giving rough locations for each flower, and a dvd of photos. The aim eventually is to sell the dvd in aid of the LH Community Space. And if anybody knows of orchid sites in LH, please contact Jenny.

If you enjoy wildflowers, you may be interested in a proposal to create a giant “Patchwork Meadow”, made up of 15cm squares and worked by individual contributors of any ability. It’s being organised by the charity Plantlife (Patron: the Prince of Wales), who are the only UK charity devoted solely to protecting wild flowers, plants and their habitats. The square can depict a wild flower or plant of your choice and can be sewn, woven, painted, printed, felted, beaded or made of lace. Get stitching soon as the deadline is the end of March 2013, after which time the patchwork will go on a UK tour. You’ll find lots more fascinating information if you click here.