Dancing in the Aisles

For just one merry night, Littlehempston Church was turned into a barn, transformed with eucalyptus and bright lights into a cheery, beautiful Community Space. On January 19th, villagers danced away the winter blues to the barnstomping music of the band, Hogwash. Despite freezing temperatures outside, the place soon warmed up, as we galloped, weaved and bumped our way up and down the Space, and enjoyed delicious hot soup (butternut squah and tomato – thank you, John Joiner!).

We also had a raffle, much chat and merriment and some lovely folk songs from the band when we were too tired to dance. Not only did we have a grand time, but after all was paid up, £140 was put into the Community Space coffers. Many thanks to all who helped, but especially organisers, Lawrence Joiner and James Drummond. When’s the next one, lads?