Festivities at Littlehempston Church

Isn’t it good to have the church back in operation? Last Christmas, the gates were shut and “elf and safety” signs discouraged entry. This year, on Thursday December 6th, the village celebrated the traditional lighting of the Christmas Tree, followed by carols accompanied by the excellent Totnes Band. The band were very pleased to be inside the church out of the rain and were very complimentary about the acoustics. The mince pies, washed down with lashings of mulled wine, were also pretty good. Well done all those who helped make this such a success. There are more pictures of this event in the gallery.

The flexibility of our new Space was shown the following week, when the Carol Service departed a little from tradition by having tableaux provided by local schoolchildren to accompany the readings. Shepherds, Wise Men, Mary and baby Jesus, Joseph, angels and a mischievous little donkey illustrated the Christmas story, and the mutterings and shufflings emanating from behind the scenes in the Lady Chapel added to the atmosphere. The choir were superb and their singing brought tears to many an eye.  The church was beautifully decorated and one visitor was heard to comment that it was the loveliest little church she had ever seen. Again a big thank you to all who made this such a special event. Lots of people helped, but a special mention must go to Ruth Massey, who did a terrific amount in preparing the tableaux and decorations, and also to Ian Curror, who played the organ and filled the church with amazing sound. Lots more pictures of the carol service too in the gallery.