A Grand Opening !

A magical evening was had by all at the Grand Opening of Littlehempston’s Community Space. After a quiet re-opening in May, it was decided to push the boat out and on Friday September 28th, a delighted audience enjoyed a superb performance by Rev Freddy Denman of “The Importance of Being Oscar”, a play by Micheál macLiammóir that told of the wit, triumph and tragedy of the life of Oscar Wilde. This play was first performed at the Dublin Theatre Festival in 1960 and since then has toured all over the world.

At the interval, all sat down to a delicious home-made meal of coronation chicken, chocolate brownies to die for and meringues, accompanied by lashings of good humour and wine. At the end of the evening, everyone rallied round and within the hour, the Space was cleared and the church sat “in repose” once again. A huge thank you to all involved in making the evening such a success – you know who you are!

Littlehempston Space has certainly got a great future in café theatre! If any local artists, musicians or thespians want a performance space, just get in touch with the Community Space team.