Space Project Takes Off !

On Saturday May 26th, the church opened again and revealed to a delighted crowd what had been happening behind the Health and Safety barriers over the last five months. Littlehempston has at last got a place where the community can meet, as well as a church with a more secure future. The place was packed with villagers, enjoying delicious home-made cakes and tea, and marvelling at how light and airy the church now seemed. Half of the nave was set out with the now mobile pews, while the other half was clear, so all could appreciate the new sandstone floor and the flexibility of this new space. In the corner, children from the fledgling Mother and Toddlers group played happily, a good reminder of how valuable this space is going to be. Lots of ideas appeared on the flipchart, suggesting even more events and activities that are now possible such as a Murder Mystery evening with supper, Gardening Club and a Flower Festival. Don’t think the pew racing was a serious suggestion.

The following day, all the pews were in place and Rev. Nicholas celebrated Holy Communion with a congregation, who were very happy to have their church back. Afterwards everybody lingered to chat and enjoy more tea and cake. No need to rush home to go the loo now. We’ve got our own!

And didn’t the church and grounds look clean and beautiful? A week earlier, things looked very different – everything was dusty and the floors were muddy. A huge round of applause for all those who rallied round with mops, buckets, dusters, paintbrushes and strimmers and worked so hard to clean the church up after the builders left. We also owe a big thank you to the Community Payback Volunteers who painted the interior and made it look so bright. And finally many thanks to all those who brought those lovely cakes. Let’s hope we have lots more occasions when they’ll be needed.  Thanks to Ken Wood who took lots of photos of all this that you can find in the Gallery.

No doubt this will be the first of many reports about what’s happening in our Community Space. If you have an event or activity that you’d like to organise or would like to hire the place for a private occasion, do get in touch. It’s there waiting for you.