A Taste of Things to Come?

On April 21st, a fascinating morning was spent walking the village from the Triangle Bridge to a little way up the hill on the Staverton Road. Led by Jenny Galton-Fenzi, a hardy group found within this small area lots of different Spring wild flowers and exchanged interesting anecdotes and information about village history. Thank you, Jenny – this will hopefully be the first of many village explorations. You can find photos of some of the flowers in the Gallery.

What did become clear was that Littlehempston has a rich natural and manmade heritage: one that is well worth exploring and recording. The Space Project Fundraisers are currently gathering ideas for a Heritage Lottery Fund grant that could include an Oral History project; exhibitions, sound installations and talks in the church; guided walks and talks for families and local schools; more activities centred on the Living Churchyard. If you have any more ideas on how we could celebrate the village heritage, just send a message to the Fundraisers.