Things are hotting up in the Church

Underfloor heating pipes in the churchBack in December, after a satisfactory archaeological report, the Diocesan Archaeological Advisor gave the go-ahead for building work to start¬† Concrete was then laid in the side aisles and the areas below the pew platforms. An empty crypt under the main aisle was also filled in, when a concrete mixer threatened to fall through the floor. Good that we found out about that at this stage! By mid February, the concrete had hardened off, enabling insulation and underfloor heating pipes to be laid. They’ve been tested and work! The limestone slabs to cover this area have been chosen and ordered. Work on the toilet area is progressing well: the new floor in the old kitchen area is in place, higher than the original one to allow a gentler slope from outside for wheelchair access. The west door, which will give external access to the toilets, is currently being made from Canadian Pine. There was a “consultation” at the last coffee morning to find out what people thought of the kitchen design and several useful suggestions were made, resulting in a redesign to make that area function better.¬† The finish date for the works is uncertain at the moment, as StoneCo are experiencing problems with supplies, and the Easter opening date is now looking rather optimistic. More news on this, when we have it.