Archaeological Survey of Church Completed

The archaeological investigation has been completed and shows that nothing of historic significance will be disturbed by the planned works.  The purpose of excavating below the pew platforms was to establish that no burials or significant archaeology would be disturbed by the insertion of underfloor heating pipes which (with insulation) need a depth of one foot below floor-level.  None were anticipated in that upper layer and none were found.  The Diocesan Archaeological Advisor inspected on December 12th and gave the go-ahead for building work to start inside the church. Excavations in the nave revealed what are thought to be parts of the medieval walls of the early church. All findings have been carefully recorded and a summary of the archaeologist’s report can be found by clicking here. You’ll also find lots of photos in the Gallery, so you can see the work that has been done. Thanks to Ken Wood, Ali Taylor and Mike Thomas for the photos.

The church and churchyard are now classified as a “building site” and, for health and safety reasons, will be shut to the public until the works are complete.