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This project attempts to link together all the people who are recorded as having lived in the parish of Littlehempston, Devon. It's very much a work in progress. So far all the people shown in the 1841 to 1911 Censuses, and the 1939 register are included, and baptisms and marriages from 1653 to 1914 and burials from 1813 to 1915 in the Parish Registers have been added. There are already a few people from earlier and later years included, and working back through the Parish Registers is the next phase.

Much of the information is available for everyone to explore, but details of people who are (or might be) still living are hidden from the general public. Family members can login and gain access to details of their living relatives.

You can view the data in a variety of ways, and produce lists, charts and reports. You can also download information in GEDCOM or other formats for inclusion in your own Family History files.

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This family tree was last updated on 11 March 2018.

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Males: 56   Females: 56
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Emigrated to St Johns, Newfoundland at the age of 15 and became Prime Minister of Newfoundland.
Herman Evans + Elizabeth Ann Warren
Marriage 1896Devon, England

Herman and Elizabeth Evans had eight children - all of them girls. They named the seventh daughter Hermonie Septima Evans, and the eighth daughter Helen Octavia Evans.
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